GSB News

Accepting New Students Now!

New Year, new you! We are always accepting new students from as little as age 4 all the way to adults, and we provide classes for everything in between. For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. Considering on registering yourself or your child? Check out our Contact Us page for the registration forms.

Happy Holidays!

We hope you have a relaxing and festive holiday season. See you in the spring!

Give back to your community

As a non-profit organization, we rely on the help of our community and people like you to keep us going strong, so that we may provide you with the classical ballet education you deserve. Please consider helping us out by clicking on our Amazon link below and donating a few necessary supplies for our studio. A few hair-ties can go a long way for a little girl who's family may not be able to get them for her. Each item on our wishlist is just about $10 or under. Thank you so much!

Annual Nutcracker Videos Are Here!

Check out our other videos in the Gallery or click below

Alex's Book

Check out Alexis Ciara Garcia's new book about one of our students, her sister, Alexandria the Ballerina Living with Multiple Sclerosis: I Once Wasn’t a Ballerina and I Once Never Had Multiple Sclerosis. 

“This story is my sister's personal biography which includes her childhood, attending college, playing as an adult, being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and finally combating the disease with a vibrant lifestyle!”

Order your copy on Amazon below!

School Fundraiser Coming Soon...

Make sure to keep an eye out for our next fundraiser and dates!