Studio Guidelines


New Students are welcome to observe classes before registering. Beginner students may register during regular office hours or by reaching out and filling out a registration form. New students who have had previous training are given a placement interview to ensure their enrollment in classes suitable to their individual developments.

Continuing Students receive a program recommendation based on his or her individual progress during the preceding session. Continuing students may register at any time after receiving schedules and recommendations.

All registration must be done online. Contact us to register. An annual registration fee of $60.00 and the first month's tuition is due at registration. Registration is accepted year-round.

Tuition and Payment Plan Options

Payments - We are accepting credit cards, Zelle, Venmo and Pay Pal for payments.

Class rates are hourly based. Please call the ballet office for current rates.

Payment Plan is on a monthly basis. An annual registration fee of $60.00 and the first month's tuition is due at registration. Registration is accepted year-round.


There are no refunds nor is credit allowed for absence from classes. Classes missed may be made up during the season but may not be carried over to another session.

Ticket refunds can be done, please reach out to Jody. 

Placement, Promotion and Evaluation

New students with no prior training will be placed with their age group to start (Pre-Ballet and Beginner I). Students with previous experience will take a trial class to be placed in the appropriate level. 

Promotion to the next level is determined by many factors such as maturity, attendance, and technical ability. Unlike school, dancers do not move onto the next level every year. If they are not ready, they will remain at the same level the next year. This is very common. Every dancer progresses at their own pace, this is why age is not the only deciding factor. Some groups that start out together will often not be in the same class after a year or two. As dancers get older, they stay in each level for longer, as it takes more than one year to complete the syllabus for that level. We cannot accommodate dancers for reasons such as friends, carpools, etc.

Evaluations are done a few times during the year. If applicable, dancers are evaluated in the fall to be a part of The Nutcracker. In the new year, Intermediate and Advanced dancers are evaluated for classical and contemporary workshops in our Spring Concert. Intermediate dancers are also evaluated during the year for whether or not they are ready to go on pointe. At the end of the year, dancers have syllabus reviews to finish off the last few weeks of classes, and to determine who is being promoted to the next level. Dancers are also tested on vocabulary regularly throughout the year. 

Studio and Classroom Etiquette

Dancers and families are expected to respect our space. Our building is not brand new. We need your help to keep it in good shape! Please take your shoes off once you enter the building and leave them in the waiting area. Street shoes are not allowed inside the classrooms, they can ruin our floors. When it’s raining, please leave any wet shoes and umbrellas on the towel in the vestibule. Please, NO running in the waiting area or in the studios. Dancers may leave their bags either in the cubbies or in the dressing room. Please do not leave valuable items in the waiting area. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

In the classroom - Dancers should go to the bathroom before class. If you are early for class, use the time to start warming up. No food or drinks are allowed in the classroom, only water bottles. NO GUM. Please make sure your child has eaten before they come to class, especially a Saturday morning class. Cell phones must be turned off or muted during class. No hanging on the barres, no moving the freestanding barres without permission and no hands on the mirror.

Dancers are expected to be polite and show respect to their teachers and their peers. Please refrain from talking during class. Questions are welcome and are an important part of the learning process. However, please do not make comments or ask questions that do not relate to the class; it is a big distraction. 

Unacceptable Behavior

We believe in providing a safe, positive and constructive environment for dancers. We expect good attitude, good behavior, good grooming, good attendance, and practice at home from each student. Polite behavior and good manners are expected in the classroom and around the building. Negativity, bullying, gossiping, and inappropriate behavior is unacceptable. Foul language and actions are not permitted. 

Dress Code

The dress code is MANDATORY, it is to encourage unity and is part of the discipline of dance. Hoodies, sweats, t-shirts, etc. do not allow the teacher to see and correct the body placement of the student, which is critical in the training of young dancers. We do not sell the uniforms. Please see FAQ’s for resources. 

Upon receiving your schedule, you will also be given the dress code for your level. 

Children’s Introductory- baby blue leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in bun or ponytail 

Beginner/ Ballet I- white leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in bun or ponytail

Beginner Intermediate/ Ballet II- pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in bun 

Intermediate/ Ballet III- royal blue leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in bun

Advanced- black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in bun

Boys- white t-shirt, tight black shorts or pants, black socks, black ballet slippers 

Warm-ups are allowed during the colder months for the first few minutes of class. Any sweaters and leg warmers must fit the body snugly. No bulky or baggy clothing is allowed.

Dancers should not leave the studio without putting back on their street clothes or some sort of cover-up over their dance clothing. This is a matter of health and safety. Dancers need to protect their freshly worked muscles; keeping warm after class is one of the best forms of injury prevention. Dancers must change back into their street shoes when leaving. Ballet shoes are not meant to withstand the wear from pavement or brick. 

Adults - Any gym clothes/ workout clothes is fine. You do not need tights and a leotard to join. Leggings and a t-shirt is fine. The most important part of your attire is your shoes. Please try to get ballet shoes (also called ballet flats or slippers) right away. Socks are okay at first, but they are slippery and not ideal long term. 

Absences and Tardiness

Attendance is very important for dancers. Missing class, especially when dancers are only coming once or twice a week, is a lost opportunity for the student and can delay not only their own progress but that of the entire class. Attendance counts towards Nutcracker selection, Spring Workshop selection and level promotion. Students on scholarship are expected to have perfect attendance. Dancers that miss more than two Nutcracker or Workshop rehearsals will be dismissed from the number altogether, regardless of if the fees have already been paid or not. 

Dancers need to arrive on time and be prepared for class. Parents or guardians need to notify the studio if their dancer will be late or absent. This means call, text or email your teacher ahead of time. Students that are more than 15 minutes late to class, at the discretion of the instructor, may be asked to sit out and take notes instead. This is a safety precaution with our dancer’s wellbeing in mind. Dancer’s bodies need to be warmed up properly to avoid both short and long-term injuries. 

Unexcused absences will result in a $10 absence fee that will be added on to your next month’s tuition. 


If there are makeups available for your level, then you can make up for your missed class. Missed classes may be made up during the season, but may not be carried over to another season.

Student Drop-off and Pick-up

Parents or drivers need to plan ahead to drop-off and pick-up students on time. Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes early to class. The front door is usually locked after class starts. If you are late, and locked out, please call your teacher. 

Dancers should not wait outside alone to be picked up. We can not be responsible for dancers once they exit the building.

Late pick-up fees - For every 15 minutes that you are late to pick-up, you will be charged a $5 late fee on your next month’s tuition. The studio is closed after the last class of the day. Our teachers need to lock up and cannot stay behind with students waiting to be picked up. We are not allowed to transport dancers home after class. We understand that emergencies arise, but this is for the safety of our staff and the safety of our dancers. 

Holiday Closings and Cancellations

The school calendar for the year, with holidays, is posted on our website. There are some holidays that we do not take off, so please take note of the calendar. 

If class is canceled for an emergency or due to inclement weather, you will be notified ahead of time. We will always reach out if class is canceled. If conditions are reasonable, and we did not reach out, then there is still class.  

Medical Concerns

Please let us know if your dancer has any food allergies or other special medical needs. Any dancer experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms should not attend dance class. 

Dancers should speak with their teacher right away regarding any injury and what the next steps are for healing. Dancers and families should let their teachers know of any limitations to their physical abilities. 

Communication With Faculty

Parents and guardians should have the teacher’s phone numbers and emails. If you are not on the email list, or changed emails, please reach out to Jody. 

Communications are done mostly through email. It is the parent or guardians’ responsibility to check their email for important information such as class cancellations, fundraisers, rehearsal schedules, etc. 

We as a studio deserve the right to dismiss any student or family who disregards the studio policies, shows inappropriate behavior, or disrupts the harmony of the school.